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Maurizio Corrado

Biography Professor Maurizio Corrado (Italy).
Professor Maurizio Corrado
Professor Maurizio Corrado

Since 1982 Corrado has carried out cultural activity in architecture and design, teaching, writing articles, books and organising exhibitions and events. Since 1995 he has focused on applications in ecology in project design. In '97 he began publishing books on architectural and ecological design.

He is president of the Center of Documentation for Natural Living (CEDAN). He is director of the necklace “To Construct Naturally” for Simone Edizioni. He is coordinator of the Sky Garden Advanced School. He is also the head editor of transmission Italian Design for the Italian television programme, Venice Channel.

He is professor of design at Alma Graduate School University of Bologna, Italy.

Contact details

Professor Maurizio Corrado
E-mail: Address:
Website: Mura di Porta Castiglione 9, 40136 Bologna, Italy 


MODULE –Design Like a Business Strategy

Analysis of the Italian model


The course aims to show how design is one effective strategy for the development of a company.

Short description

Historically in contemporary design, Italy has been instrument in aesthetic quality and new development proposals. Italian designers and the furniture industry are recognized across the globe.

The didactic module gives hands on experience through the analysis of some of the greatest protagonists of Italian contemporary design. Additionally, it analyzes methods to which design can assist in increasing opportunities and developments of a company. With the aid of testimonies directed via video interviews, the students can understand the protagonists and their business examples.

Course structure

1. Achille Castiglioni

Atmosphere - the birth of the Italian Style

Topic - the design of the invention

2. Alessandro Mendini

Atmosphere - the culture of the vanguard

Topic - Communication and design

3. Riccardo Dalisi

Atmosphere - the Neapolitan people

Topic - the participated design

4. Massimo Morozzi

Atmosphere - the radical design

Topic - the art direction

5. Massimo Iosa Ghini

Atmosphere - the Bolidismo

Topic - the corporate image

6. Denis Santachiara

Atmosphere - the Italian dreamcar

Topic - Science and design

7. Tarshito

Atmosphere - the spiritual formation

Topic - the design of the spirit

8. Stefano Giovannoni

Atmosphere - the evolution of the trade of the designer

Topic - the design of the plastic


Reading list

Sparke, Penny, A century of design, Mitchell Beazley, 1998

Note: Papers on specific topics may be given to participants during the course.

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