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Lino Filippo Ciceri

Biography Professor Lino Filippo Ciceri (Italy)
Lino Filippo Ciceri
Lino Filippo Ciceri

A former managing director with extensive experience in international pharmaceutical, hospital supply and biotech businesses, Lino Filippo Ciceri lectures at international institutions. At Link Campus-University of Malta in Rome he delivers full postgraduate courses on strategic management and innovation processes. He also advises private and public organizations in Europe, Asia and Africa through programs funded by international bodies such as UNPD and the EBRD-TAM Programme.

Previously, after initial work experience as a research chemist at Warner Lambert (Pfizer) and as a manager at Uniliver in Milan and Paris, he completed his postgraduate business studies at the London Business School and New York University. Between 1980 and 2001, Lino undertook management projects in

several industrial fields with SIAR-Scandinavian Institute for Administrative Research and with Gemini-Bossard and served as the managing director of Baxter-Eurospital, Italy.

Lino is author of THE MANAGER-Why should anyone follow you?
The book is in course of publication (2008).


Contact details

Professor Lino Filippo Ciceri


MODULE – Developing Successful Organizations

Timeless Questions and Management Practice



In this course you will learn how to build and manage a successful enterprise or how to give new life to an existing organization.

Whatever you think about management, after you will have attended this capstone course your ideas will be different, and most likely clearer, more powerful and practical. This course is designed to enable you to effectively apply the whole set of management tools learnt throughout your business school programme, as well as the management concepts and methods that you’ll learn during the course, straight away in your own work situation. My ambition is to help you understand, discover in yourself and apply effective diagnostic, strategic and operational skills.

Short description

This course introduces a rigorous yet creative method of thinking and managing, and deals with both the tangible and intangible factors that make firms successful and public organizations effective and efficient over time. It draws on participative lectures and on a limited number of business cases. In order to foster your ability to transform potential opportunities and improvements into practical achievements, active class participation, diagnosis of critical factors, and the implementation of new concepts and management tools in your own situation will be strongly encouraged. Students, organized in teams or individually, are assisted to formulate, step by step, a real-world strategic plan.

Part 1 – Management is Life

1. Committing to the future

The Common Good model

2. Framing the world

Aim, success factors, goals, turning ideas into action

Part 2 – Timeless Management

3. How can you develop a successful business idea?


4. Goals and activities

5. What competences do you need?

Who does what, when and how? Organisational structure and processes

6. Financial issues

7. Execution and control

Part 3 – Why should anyone follow you?

8. Why should anyone follow you?

Timeless management laws

9. How to get there? The hero’s journey

10. Success: an ongoing process

Final paper: presentation


Recommended textbooks

Ciceri, Lino F., The Manager . The book is in course of publication (2008).

Lowney, Chris Heroic Leadership, Loyola Press, Chicago, 2005 ISBN 0-8294-2115-7

Additional readings will be proposed and supplied during the course.

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