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Esko Kilpi

Biography Dr. Esko Kilpi (Finland)
Dr. Esko Kilpi
Dr. Esko Kilpi

Esko Kilpi is founder and principal in Esko Kilpi Oy, a leading research and consultancy firm working with the challenges of knowledge work and digital work environments. The organization is based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to his work as an executive adviser Esko Kilpi takes part in academic research and lectures on the topics of organizational learning, knowledge based view of the firm and interaction technologies in Nordic countries, Europe, Middle-East, Far-East and USA.

He has published various articles on these subjects and is the co-author of a book on teams and process management (1996) and books on management challenges of the information age (2001, 2006, 2006).

Esko Kilpi is frequently invited as a key note presenter in management conferences globally. As an international consultant he advises public sector organizations and leading global multinational companies.

His teaching and research interests are about organizational contexts, where creative learning takes place and organizational dynamics for emergence of coherence and novelty. A large part of his work has concentrated on principles of organizational viability based on complexity sciences and theories of complex responsive systems. At the moment Esko Kilpi’s work has focused on open source and social software implementations in organizational contexts.

Esko Kilpi has been a member of the advisory board of the World Bank on Knowledge Management. He has also been a member of the expert think tank on Knowledge Management for the European Union.

Contact details

Dr. Esko Kilpi Address: Esko Kilpi Ltd.
e-mail: Juhani Ahon tie 10
tel. +358 400 501 800 00150 Helsinki
website: FINLAND


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