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Doug Macnamara

Biography Dr. Doug Macnamara (Canada).
Dr. Doug Macnamara
Dr. Doug Macnamara

Doug Macnamara is founder and President of Banff Executive Leadership Inc., and Managing Partner of International Institute for Television Leadership. Over his career in business, he has served as vice-president/officer for: a Canadian multinational company, the Canadian subsidiary of a U.S. multinational, and an internationally recognized Not-for-Profit educational institution. He has served upon and chaired various Boards including charitable organizations, health institutions, and corporations. In an executive capacity, Doug has successfully led new business unit start-ups, downsizing/turnarounds, and restructuring/ transformations. These have included strategic and marketing repositioning plus re-branding of image. He has facilitated many strategic retreats, led development workshops, delivered keynote speeches at major conferences around the world and provided consulting advice/coaching to Boards and Executives from well known companies, government departments, crown corporations, charities, and indigenous communities for over twenty-five years. Today he fosters improved Governance and Executive Leadership practices with clients from across Canada, the USA, Asia/Australia, Europe and the Middle East. He has authored the world’s first competency-based Board Governance Practices Inventory (now in 2nd Ed.), as well as the related Executive Leadership Practices Inventory. Doug is a Certified Management Consultant and has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry, B. Ed. in Environmental & Adult Education, Outdoor Educator’s Certificate, Certificate in Employee Benefits, and the Human Resources Professional Designation. He also successfully completed the MLE program (Management & Leadership Education) at Harvard University.


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Dr. Doug Macnamara


MODULE – Entrepreneurial & Innovation Leadership for Start-Up Ventures


What does it take to be successful as a leader of an entrepreneurial company, and bring its innovations into an economically sustainable enterprise? This module will help students assess their leadership, management and entrepreneurial attributes, explore strategy development for your enterprise, examine the link between your personal leadership brand and the value proposition/image of your company. We will also assist participants to develop a business plan for the implementation of their entrepreneurial concept.

Short description

A combination of presentations, discussions, debates, simulation exercises, role plays, video, personal project/team case studies, guest executive panels and hands-on experience with a master-artist will be used to address:

  • Leadership vs. Management vs. Entrepreneurialism
  • The role of Ethics in leadership
  • Learning, Thinking, Communications and Leadership Style elements
  • Developing/enunciating your Personal Leadership Brand
  • Approaches to/ Process for Analytical, Systems & Network Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning – The Governance & Strategic Leadership Model
  • Market Positioning, Differentiation & Branding
  • Measuring & Tracking Success – Balanced Scorecard & Performance Management
  • The Modern Corporation – balancing obligations to shareholders and society
  • Creating & Leading an Innovative Work Environment
  • Using Paradox to Drive Innovation
  • Leading Change and Continuous Innovation

Course structure

Part 1 – Know Yourself- The Entrepreneurial Leader

  • Leadership vs. Management vs. Entrepreneurialism
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Personal Leadership Style elements
  • Your Personal Leadership Brand – Part I
  • Technical – Analytical – Systems – Network Thinking and approaches/tools
  • Personal Entrepreneurial Start-up – Concept Development

Part 2 – Strategic Leadership

  • Strategic Thinking – Network Scanning/Scenario-building
  • Innovation & Value-Creation Options – Market Positioning, Knowledge recipes, Branding
  • Strategic Planning – Vision/ Mission/ Values
  • Strategic Implementation – Balanced Scorecard, Performance Measurement & Management, Risk Management
  • The Modern Corporation’s Obligations – Financial Returns – Social Citizen balance
  • Strategic Leadership Simulation Exercise
  • Syndicate Team – Case Study Projects
  • Personal Entrepreneurial Start-up – Strategic/Business Plan Development

Part 3 – Creating & Leading the Innovation Work Environment

  • Creativity – Ingenuity – Innovation
  • da Vinci’s Seven Principles for Creativity Leadership
  • Assessing Innovation Performance
  • Arts/Improvisational Experience – with local Master Artist
  • Quality Improvement vs. Business Process Re-engineering
  • Cradle-to-Grave product and service design
  • Empowerment vs. Delegation vs. directing
  • Leading Change and Continuous Innovation

Part 4 – Actioning Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Personal Leadership Brand – Part II
  • Syndicate Team – Case Study Presentations to Executive Panel
  • Personal Entrepreneurial Start-up Business Plan Presentations
  • Action Plans Forward

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