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New leaders for the Eco-systems of XXI century: the Knowledge entrepreneurs network YEAM.

The move from industrial agglomeration to knowledge agglomeration brings along the re-formulation of domains and criteria of business environments, operating rules and leadership. New life-cycles of contents shape innovative formats and spaces, where knowledge flows are exchanged inbetween networks of ubiquitous players. Hyper-speed connections accelerate questions and answers, thus boosting interactions across variety of fields. XXI century dynamics lead to emerging knowledge-market forces, and open up to new positions for new leaders of Economic Systems: the Knowledge Entrepreneurs. An early example of this raising "Knowledge Class" is that of YEAM (Young European Avantgarde Minds), an open network born in 2006 in the hearth of Europe, nowadays a real knowledge cluster. YEAM aims to design a distinctive hub for the emerging creative entrepreneurs, attracting transdisciplinary talents and clustering them round a knowledge pool, in which intents enhance actions. Here knowledge is embedded in individuals; and individuals are the key elements of the cluster. This creative and innovative knowledge mobilization network leads to increasing the impact of the research full scale, exploiting unique R&D themes and potentialities, and inflowing entrepreneurial resources by attraction mechanism. While in search of knowledge trends, knowledge entrepreneurs anticipate knowledge agglomeration developing and leading their networks, as the YEAM case. Large, diverse and multidisciplinary concentration of knowledge and talents can develop from these leaders further, exploiting alternative paths of knowledge mobilization, starting from their intellectual capital. The cultural renaissance of XXI century call for new leaders of its Economic Systems; young avantgardes in Europe step up in value networks and propose themselves, inspired by YEAM stories.

YEAM Group has been founded in Berlin in 2006 by Nicola Farronato & Timothy Speed, as an open network of knowledge entrepreneurs and innovation talents from allover Europe. In its DNA there is the creation of an international knowledge hub which, by means of cross culture-domain-organization knowledge management, can give a strong impulse to innovation acceleration. Positioned at an intermediary level between policy makers and real economy decision makers, YEAM activity is currently focused on the following key objectives:


  • Promoting entrepreneurship and collaborative and open innovation at an international scale
  • Establishing a platform supporting collaborative and distributed innovation among individual and organizational key actors
  • Offering services to support collaborative innovation both in virtual and physical manner
  • Establishing a continuous foresight and collective scenario development exploiting the diverse background of involved actors
  • Supporting the initiation of innovation projects in the area of eco-innovation, service and business model innovation with a focus on industries such as ICT, electronics
  • Establishing brokerage services to allow for idea trading, and transfer of new technologies
  • Offering policy advise on key topics

Innovation acceleration is a strategic key for creating new growth scenarios, both at Institutional and Business level, and Entrepreneurship evolution represents a major condition for its achievement. YEAM will become a leader to drive this crucial process in Europe, aggregating knowledge clusters around intercultural innovative networks.

YEAM aims at becoming a distinctive hub for the emerging entrepreneurs of the XXI° century, attracting transdisciplinary talents and clustering them round a knowledge pool, in which intents enhance actions.

Mastering the entrepreneurial shifts of the XXI° century fostering new organizational models and collaboration forms, supporting its members to spread internationally their contribution to  knowledge-based entrepreneurship, enhancing impact and sustainability of new global start-ups.


  • Idea – experience - knowledge
  • Pro – activity
  • Aggregation
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge as a flow
  • Understanding and Relations for value creation



  • Michele Battelli
    Software engineer at Google Inc. in Mountain View, California.
  • Bruno Baumann
    Intercultural innovation expert, author and speaker, Munich, DE
  • Leonardo Benuzzi
    Local Manager of the FBK-MIT Mobile Experience Lab Alliance. The Provincia di Trento, Italy
  • Paolo Bouquet
    ICT innovation expert Trento University, Trento, IT
  • Matteo Daste
    Partner at Leland Parachini Steinberg Matzger & Melnick LLP, San Francisco, CA
  • Ximena Durán
    A social entrepreneur involved with projects of reading and arts for children at Proyecto Estela A.C. Hidalgo. México
  • Negin Fallah Haghighi
    PhD student in faculty of Agriculture and Natural resources at University of Tehran, Iran
  • Hassan Jalal
    Entrepreneur- Commercialization Specialist at Cryptango, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Satish Kumar
    Physiologist and vedic medicin expert Gulf Medical College, Dubai, UAE
  • Diego Matricano
    Student at the PhD program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Second University of Napels,  IT
  • Alexander Osterwalder
    Business innovation expert, speaker and author, Lausanne, CH
  • Alberto Pietrobon
    Student at the International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden. Studying a Bachelor of Science in “Business and IT Management”.
  • Eugenia Rinaldi
    Project Leader for the implementation of ICT tools Cineca, Bologna, IT


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