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Partners & Fellows

The International Entrepreneurship Academy’s groundwork has been laid with the intellectual and financial contribution by the following institutional partners; Zernike Group in the Netherlands, Tartu University in Estonia, Jönköping University in Sweden, Ebram Investments and King Saud University in Riyahd, Euroconsultants in Athens and Thessaloniki, Cofimp in Bologna, the Innovation Value Institute at the National University of Ireland. Other more recently established partnerships include the IEID, Institut Européen de l’Intelligence Digitale in Sophia Antipolis, France, and the Organisation for Quality and Innovation Strategies (Qualies) and Corporate Wellbeing Oman (CWO), in the Sultanate of Oman, and the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD), with which co-operation has been established in special project areas. Most recently, in the fall 2014, an "association" for the development of the Intentac network in France was created in agreement with the Intentac board.

Marc LOPEZ and Yannick ROUSSEL are the co-présidents of Intentac France, which is based in Paris.

The main goals are to develop training and education, to undertake research, studies, experiments, to collect and produce materials, texts and papers related directly or indirectly to the culture of innovation and intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship at local and national level, to collect and analyze good practices on sustainable innovation on entrepreneurship on a transverse and multicultural mode, to build partnerships in entrepreneurship in order to work and think with companies and organizations on the impact of innovation, as well as educational tools, audit and measurement.

We also recommend you to visit Industry and Higher Education - an International journal devoted to the collaboration between business and higher education.

The professors and fellows of Intentac represent numerous countries and cultures. Encompassing five continents, each of these highly qualified individuals represent a different industry with varying education and experience. As Intentac students are truly unique in their background and ambitions, it is only fitting that the Intentac faculty matches this diversity. Read more about the Academy Fellows.

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