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J. Satish Kumar

Biography Dr. J. Satish Kumar
Dr. J. Satish Kumar
Dr. J. Satish Kumar

Dr. J. Satish Kumar is making revolutionary changes applied in how we deal with health, disease and world peace.

In November 2007 he received an award for “Enlightened Leadership from the Maharishi University of Management in USA and the Netherlands.  He is currently discovering unifying principles structuring the dynamics of cosmos, including Human Physiology with particular reference to Neurosciences and Quantum Physics.

Application of these interdisciplinary fields of research to management, innovation and entrepreneurship is a logical extension of his understanding of the human mind and its unlimited potential to use the science of creative intelligence, which taps the source of our material universe - consciousness.

He serves as Medical Sciences Professor, Department of Physiology at the Gulf Medical College in United Arab Emirates.

He completed his MD in Physiology in Annamalai University, Chidambaram, the Land of the Cosmic Dance, India, which is known as the seat of Consciousness in Ancient Indian Sciences. He graduated from the MBBS program of Madras University, India. He has over 14 years experience in the medical and management fields and neurosciences, including Yoga. He is also currently the National Director for UAE chapter of the Global Country of World Peac.
He has presented to leading scientists and leaders such as the Global Administrators Conference, held in the Netherlands and World Summit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Dubai 2008.


Contact details

Dr. J. Satish Kumar
Tel. +97502031215  


Module: consciousness based Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


The course offers the very latest cutting edge scientific researches in the field of neuroscience and quantum physics to empower the students with holistic concepts and direct experiences of the technology of consciousness, through which we can realize any objective with effortless ease and style.

Course overview

Man and cosmos are inseparable realities. Although we are amidst the age of rapid progress in certain technological fronts, global warming, food insecurity and generalized social turbulence which are all related to collective consciousness of the networked communities, indicate gross inadequacy of the prevalent management and entrepreneurial concepts.

This is understandable because we as an advanced civilization have not had the complete access to all the resources that we have been endowed with naturally in our physiology.
To address these serious negative trends in societies, we have with us now the scientific knowledge and the practical technology to enliven and unleash the creative forces that will favor holistic development of individuals and societies towards a sustainable future.

In this course students will learn the basics of Mind Body Medicine, Life Style Management and the advanced concepts of Technology of Consciousness that can be applied straight away to transform personal lives, corporate successes and the destiny of mankind towards the ultimate.

Course structure

Part I - Orientation program
  • Problem identification and its global dimensions
  • Latest scientific developments in Physics and Medicine

Part II - Core Program
  • Human Physiology and Cosmic Connections
  • The Circadian/Biological Clock based management solutions
  • The neuroscience of Innovation
  • Perfect Health and Entrepreneurship traits
  • Ethics structured in Human Physiology (The Prefrontal Cortex Software)
  • Science of enlivening ethics in the Brain
  • Corporate Social Responsibility through Technology of Consciousness

Part III - Applied Sciences Program
  • Inner world: Systematic access to the Unified Field
  • Outer world: Global networking for sustainable business strategies


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